Thursday, October 26, 2006

Lim-bo Lim-bo Lim-BO!

Our moving process began three months ago. And for a long time, we managed to keep the Move from invading the rest of the house. We warehoused the Move in Sr. Compa & my bedroom, and we set up residence in Compaito's room.

But now? Now our old room is full, and there are boxes, boxes everywhere. It's funny; were I to go on a five day trip, I would know exactly how much to pack, and what I didn't need to take with me. But faced with the contents of my house, I can find some sort of justification of why I might need five sweaters for the next five days. Because ordinarily, I NEVER reuse a sweater, oh nooo.

As much as this move is needed, I do feel wistful at times: Compaito is leaving behind five little play buddies and a backyard playground, and won't have a sibling to make up for it for at least eight months- probably longer.

But there's a lot to be said for tree-lined streets that a kid can safely bike, for a lack of widely known crack houses in the immediate vicinity, for no mould in Mommy& Daddy's bedroom, for a neighbourhood without a gun problem, for no prostitues at 9am beside my house. All those things make it good.

And especially, especially, a little room that will masquerade as a study for a while, but which will nurture, over the months, my hope for a second child.

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