Wednesday, October 04, 2006

El tiempo pasa

I looked back with bemusement at some of my 101 things, as well as things I said or thought in earlier posts. What a difference a year can make:
-I am now trying to lose twenty pounds, down from my worst point (thirty)
-I now don't have to worry about a TV in our bedroom- because we are sharing with our son (oh mouldy former bedroom, how I hate thee). Needless to say, we will be moving shortly.
-The ironing things thing was a flash in the pan. I am a wrinkled girl at heart.
-I just got rid of my stupid cell phone- and got to pay $113 for the privilege (NEVER GET A 3 YR CONTRACT).
-Compaito has been toilet trained for a loooooong time now. And thank God.

-We have a decent mattress! And a dishwasher! (Which I luuuuurve.)
-And also: I vowed that I would never start a business. Well, I am now going to eat my words. In a few weeks, all our designs for diverse greeting cards will be up at
Representus Diverse Clothing & Cards , and I will make a big fanfarious announcement about our Grand Opening. Because I am pretty damned pleased with myself. Especially about the "not doing any books" part. ;-P

So lots of change, but lots of other things depressingly familiar:
-This just in: Husband still more attractive than self
-Back still lousy
-Food still burn-y
-Rowing machine still gathering dust (beside newer mini-trampoline)
-Still hate math
-Still am waiting for second little person.

I need to write a country song.

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