Friday, October 13, 2006

Everybody go surfin

So I guess Sr. Compa was missing his island a little, because he went and created this wicked new design, which we of course went crazy and put on everything from bags to bibs to threads for young and old, to sell in our on-line diversity store. Here in Small Canadian City, it is raining. And wet. And generally miserable, as is our wont. So you can't blame the guy for wanting to bring a little summer back.

Since Sr. Compa was "hogging" the computer last night, I wasn't able to tweak the Christmas card designs to reflect more family configurations as planned, but fear not, they're coming! Also, if folks are interested in custom designs, please feel free to email me highish-res, individual or group shots of your family, and I will create a custom greeting card design for you at no extra charge, as fast as my little fingers can go.

You can reach me at More coming soon, I promise! (Including a "real" post on cultural competency, and on race and anti-racism discourse in North and South America.) Posted by Picasa

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