Friday, December 08, 2006

And party ev-er-y day!

I may have mentioned before that I am not a fan of babyish speech affectations, generally speaking. In fact, the Leon's commercial above ranks as my Least Favourite Commercial of All Time (I mean, come on, when she gets to the word "you", she looks like she may gag on her own tongue from all the incredulity).

It is with great trepidation, therefore, that I must announce that my son did the Cutest Thing Evar this afternoon, whilst playing with his toy synthesizer.

He started bopping his head to the music, and said, like an old wizened seventies dude: "wock an' woll!"

To be clear to those fearful I may be softening my position on this issue: it's only cute and funny when my kid does it. When your kid does it, it's still nauseating.

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Anonymous said...

I personally know this little girl and that is the way she speaks some children have speech problems that they grow out of. Personally I love the commercial and hoe they run it next year