Sunday, December 03, 2006

46 Months

46 Months

Papi Bello,

It has been interesting to watch you as you develop your own religion in this loosely agnostic household: It is confirmed that Santa is your God. Whenever you want to trace letters, it is always Santa’s name you want to spell. You didn’t get the whole “Santa gives presents” thing for quite a while; when I asked you what you thought Santa would bring you, you said, “yeah, let’s get a present for Santa!” When I said that Santa gives presents to kids, you said “Santa get a train, for E!” (your friend). When I asked what you though he would bring you, you said “Me? Maybe… a toys.”

Somehow, despite having a father who dotes on you because of the simple joy that he can, you have not developed a sense of materialistic entitlement.

You revere Santa, and what last year was a “Ho Ho Tree” is now a “Santa Tree”. When we go on walks through the mall, you sigh in contentment and point out each wreath, tree, and decoration, observing contentedly: “Look, Mommy! More Christmas. Santa must be very happy.” In your imagination, it is as though each bit of tinsel or ribbon were an offering unto Him, the great God of beneficience that is Santa.

And speaking as the one who will likely fill your stocking and wrap the presents that come from Him, I will say that He is very, very happy indeed.


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