Monday, November 20, 2006

Takin' care of Bidness **Edited**

It would be fair to say that I take care of Bidness... less frequently than Every Day. It would also be fair to say that often, nay, too frequently, I am only prompted to take care of it when I am sent a rockin' new design by Señor Compa.

However, given that such is the case today (a day when I am at home, pondering whether I should like quietly on the couch and moan or whether I should writhe despondently on my bed and groan, and when I am wondering just how far a cold can travel (when it gets down to the chest, where does it go from there? Can I get a cold in my innards?)... Well a day like that would be an excellent day to take care of bidness, and to show off the sheer design brilliance that is the Interracial Family Pride Line O' Stuff. Comes in all different colors. Just like us.

**ETA: Another wicked design from Señor Compa!

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