Monday, October 03, 2005


I am suffering from a wee bit of insomnia of late and of course my son is kindly participating in my anxious effort by being difficult about going to bed. Suddenly every night he wants "LightON!" and "Medidin!" (although he hasn't needed it for a week) and he insists on pulling up his blind and leaving the door open. Lord knows what dark monsters lurk in the recesses of the two-and-a-half year old's mind. In any case, it has got me thinking about lullabyes.

Now that he is a bigger guy, I read him a story and sing him a sweet song every night before he goes to bed. When he was a littler person, and slept more erratically, I would sometimes have to make him laugh before being able to make him sleep, particularly if he was teething. I used to sing (or "shout") him this punk lullabye before he went to sleep:

It's time to go to BED
It's time to LAY down
And rest your sleepy HEAD
It's time to go to bed-HEY!

What ridiculous lengths do you go to help your kids sleep, gentle readers? And how does one rid oneself of the cylce of insomnia?

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